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The Norvelt Union Church began functioning in 1935, conducting regular sessions of the Sunday school and church in what is now the Norvelt Fireman’s Club.

The actual incorporation of the church took place on April 30, 1946, and the Westmoreland Homesteads Nursery School was purchased to be used as a church home.

After several years, the building was not sufficiently large to accommodate the growing organization. This was particularly true of the church services, as the room used for worship was small.  In May 1950 a decision was made by the church board to have plans drawn to obtain an approximate cost of a new building. On August 11, 1950, ground was broken for a new church building, and after almost two years of paid and volunteer labor, the building was nearly completed.

Dedication services of the new church were held on July 20, 1952, with Alvin K. Smith, pastor, in charge. Past ministers serving pastorate of the church are as follows:

  • Rev. Ora Faulk

  • Rev. Michael Hulihan

  • Rev. Fred Turney: (1946-1948)

  • Rev. Alvin K. Smith: (1948-1954)

  • Rev. Richard Mansker: (1954-1962)

  • Rev. Charles Horton: (1962-1966)

  • Rev. Evan Shaffer: (1966-1970)

  • Rev. Paul Givens: (1970-1973)

  • Rev. Dale L. Porterfield: (1973-1979)

  • Rev. Charles Daniels: (1979-1982)

  • Rev. Andrew N. Yaremko: (1982-1984)

  • Rev. Edward Jensen: (1984-1988)

  • Rev. Kenneth Kinik: (1988-2005)

  • Rev. David L. Greer: (2005-Present)


In 1975, renovation of the church took place, and rededication was held in July 1975.

Artist Rendering of our Church

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